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Nazzal: Egypt pledged to release Palestinian detainees from its jails

Member of Hamas’s political bureau Mohamed Nazzal has affirmed that Egypt pledged to release Palestinian prisoners from its jails, adding that there is important progress in this regard.

“Hamas is following up the issue of the detainees in Egyptian prisons, especially with regard to its four prisoners,” Nazzal said in recent remarks to Shehab News Agency.

On August 19, 2015, unknown gunmen kidnapped four Palestinian young men from al-Qassam Brigades of Hamas after intercepting a passenger bus in northern Sinai as it was en route to Cairo airport.

Nazzal pointed out that there was a decrease in the number of Palestinian detainees in Egyptian jails, asserting that Hamas was following up the files of all Palestinian prisoners who were exposed to illegal detention in Egypt.

The Hamas official also accused the Palestinian Authority (PA) leadership of conspiring against Gaza and trying to push its population to explode instead of assuming its responsibilities.

However, he said that the Palestinian parties in Gaza and the UN would continue to make efforts to have the siege on Gaza lifted, adding that the Egyptians promised not to close the Rafah border crossing.