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Int’l group: Efforts under full swing to break Israeli siege on Gaza

Head of the Islamic Commission to Support Gaza, Essam Youssef, said medical delegations are about to enter the blockaded Gaza Strip to provide urgent treatment for Palestinians wounded by Israeli bullet fire during the Great March of Return protests.

Speaking with PIC, Youssef said Miles of Smiles convoy has been gearing up to enter the besieged enclave accompanied by medical envoys from Algeria and other countries to carry out surgeries for Gaza’s wounded persons. Contacts have, meanwhile, been held with the Egyptian side to that end.

Youssef also said Egyptian efforts have been underway to set up a mobile clinic, open banks, and enter medicines and industrial equipment to the enclave.

According to Youssef, some 3,000 volunteers from all over the world have taken part in the humanitarian convoy since its inception. Aid-loaded ships will reportedly set sail to the strip in an attempt to break the crippling Israeli siege.

He added that talks have been ongoing between the commission and the Turkish authorities to send businessmen and industrial kit to the Gaza Strip in an attempt to boost economic development in the coastal enclave.

Youssef also stated that the commission has been cooperating with other bodies to prosecute Israel’s war criminals and speak up for the Palestinian cause across the globe.