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Israel conducts military drills simulating war with Hezbollah

Israel yesterday completed military drills simulating war with Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

Spokesman for the Israeli Army, Avichai Adraee, said that the Givati brigade of the Israeli army carried out the week-long drill, noting that the armoured, artillery and engineering forces – backedby the air force – took part in the drills.

The drills were carried out in the mountainous areas of the Jordan Valley, in the occupied West Bank, during complicated weather conditions in order to simulate a war with Hezbollah on Israel’s northern border.

Adraee said that the soldiers and their commanders were trained on how to occupy and burn areas and how to engage with enemy forces while evacuating casualties under fire. He said that the drills were the final stage of a four-month training programme for the brigade, which is the elite infantry force of the Israeli army.

The Israeli army carries out military drills throughout the year that simulate wars on the Syrian, Lebanese or Gaza fronts.