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Dozens of Palestinians injured by Israeli gunfire in Gaza

Dozens of Palestinians were injured on Friday when the Israeli occupation forces opened fire at the peaceful protesters taking part in the Great March of Return in the Gaza Strip

The PIC reporter said, quoting the Ministry of Health, that 32 Palestinians were injured by live ammunition and dozens others choked on tear gas

Thousands of Palestinians marched along the border fence separating Gaza and the Palestinian territories occupied since 1948 on the 45th Friday of the Great March of Return

The Higher National Committee of the Great March of Return earlier in the week announced that the demonstrations on Friday, 1 February, will be held in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails

The Great March of Return was launched in Gaza on 30 March to highlight the Palestinian refugees’ right of return and pressure Israel to lift the 14-year-long blockade on the seaside area

The Israeli occupation army has violently quelled the border protests killing so far 262 Palestinians and injuring over 27,000, nearly 500 of whom are in critical condition