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IOF shoots at school in Gaza, injuring employee

The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Monday opened fire on a school in the blockaded Gaza strip, injuring a Palestinian, according to local sources. 

“The Mahdia Shawa School today came under fire which wounded employee Ramez Za’anin”, the Ministry of Education in Gaza said. 

Ministry official Ziad Thabet condemned the shooting, which, he said, was part of an ongoing Israeli policy to target Palestinian educational institutions. 

The attack came in flagrant violation to international las and norms, he added.

He also called on international community to condemn the incident and to hold Israel accountable for its escalated crimes against the Gaza Strip.

Israel has stepped up attacks in Gaza, which claimed over 295 Palestinian lives in 2018, marking the highest death toll since the 2014 Gaza conflict, many of them were shot during the March of Return protests, amid a deterioration in the humanitarian situation in the besieged enclave.