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Fatah: New government will rule West Bank, Gaza Strip

Fatah said yesterday that the upcoming government, which will exclude Hamas and many other Palestinian factions, would rule the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, Al-Wattan Voice reported.

Fatah said the new government would look for unity and stressed that anyone who is hostile to it “must be an enemy of the Palestinians.”

Official Fatah spokesman Atef Abu-Saif said: “We will not care about anyone who prefers to remain out of the national consensus… We want to serve out people; therefore, we want to form a government.”

He added: “This government will be for the Palestinians in the West Bank, Jerusalem, Gaza Strip, and diaspora. Hamas has nothing to do with it.”

Abu-Said claimed: “The PLO is the guardian of the Palestinian Authority (PA) as it represents all the Palestinian people. This government will represent all the Palestinians because it is of the PLO. Anyone who obstructs it, he will be obstructing the Palestinians, the PLO and the Palestinian state.”

He said that the government would carry out the elections, raise the status of Palestine at the UN to that of a state and implement projects serving the Palestinian people.

Concluding his speech to Al-Wattan Voice, Abu-Saif said: “The current government completed its mission despite the obstacles made by Hamas. It is time now to form a factional government.”