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Tension in three Israeli jails expected to escalate

Tension flared up on Tuesday in Nafha and Gilboa jails after Israeli forces raided Ofer jail on Monday and assaulted Palestinian detainees, injuring 100 of them

The Palestinian Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs Commission said that the Israeli forces at daybreak broke into several sections at Ofer jail and attacked Palestinian prisoners

The commission said in a statement that the Israeli forces at dawn fired rubber bullets, tear gas and sound bombs and used police dogs and truncheons against inmates in sections 11 and 12

According to the statement, the Metzada unit, an Israeli special operations unit, hours later attacked prisoners in section 15 of Ofer prison and damaged their belongings

On Monday, Israeli forces raided section 17 at Ofer jail, assaulted Palestinian detainees, and wreaked havoc on it

Nearly 1,200 Palestinian prisoners, including children, are currently held in Ofer prison

Haaretz on Monday said that the prison raids came a few weeks after Asher Vaknin was appointed the new acting commissioner of the Israel Prison Service. His predecessor in the position, Ofra Klinger, was viewed by many senior figures in the agency as being “too soft” on Palestinian prisoners

At a joint press conference with Vaknin recently, Israel’s Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan called for imposing harsher conditions on Palestinian prisoners, including limiting the food and water they receive and ending the separation between prisoners from rival Palestinian movements Hamas and Fatah