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Hayya: Resistance only path to liberate Israeli-occupied Palestine

The Palestinians have no option to liberate their Israeli-occupied land and holy sites other than armed resistance, Political bureau member of Hamas Khalil al-Hayya said.

Speaking during a ceremony to mourn two resistance fighters, al-Hayya said: “Resistance is the launch-off route toward the liberation of Palestine. We will keep to the resistance path no matter the sacrifices.”

“Israel should be ousted from our homeland by all means”, said the Hamas leader. “True, we have been blockaded by the Israeli occupation from all sides. Our children’s blood has been shed for years. Yet, our people will stand on guard until we retrieve our sacred land.”

Al-Hayya stressed Palestinians’ commitment to armed resistance against the Israeli occupation and their firm rebuff of negotiations, which he said are futile and have only led to an impasse. 

“We will not change our path. We will keep on defending our land, regardless of the price we have to pay”, vowed al-Hayya.