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Israel forces Palestinian family to raze its home in Tur’an village

The Israeli authorities forced the family of Safouri in Tur’an village, north of Nazareth in Israel (the 1948 occupied lands), to demolish their own home after all the efforts to save the house failed.

A Palestinian mother and her four children have been living in the house for about 20 years.

45-year-old Saba Safouri, the homeowner, told Arab48 website that the house had been built on the land of her ancestors, who were forced by the occupation to leave for Syria and Jordan. 

She added that the Israeli authorities appropriated the land under the absentee property law, which it enacted in order to legalize the expropriation of Palestinian property, whose owners left behind after expelling them from Palestine.

“After we received the first demolition warning, we kept trying for long years to purchase our land from the state [Israel], but we were facing a wall of rejection every time at the pretext that the law says that any structure built on state land must be demolished first before talking about purchasing the land,” Safouri said.