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Republicans delay $75m in US aid to Palestine

US Congressional Republicans delayed $75 million in aid from being sent to Palestinians, reported the Jerusalem Post. Last month, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) sent Congress a “programme narrative” of $75 million in Economic Support Funds (ESF) for programmes in the West Bank and Gaza that would begin 15 days after the notification was received. The USAID programmes …

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Egypt working for prisoner swap deal between Hamas and Israel

Egypt is believed to be working towards reactivating its mediation between the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, and Israel for a new prisoner exchange deal, Al Quds Al Arabi has reported. An Egyptian security delegation apparently visited the Gaza Strip and Israel earlier this week for meetings about the latest developments in the Palestinian elections. The issue of a prisoner …

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If Israel has committed no war crimes, then why does it refuse the ICC probe?

On 5 February, Palestinians saw a long tunnel open and a light flicker in the distance for justice. The International Criminal Court (ICC) Pre-Trial Chamber I “decided, by majority, that the Court’s territorial jurisdiction in the Situation in Palestine, a State party to the ICC Rome Statute, extends to the territories occupied by Israel since 1967.” The ICC now has …

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