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Palestine’s first Olympic weightlifter to compete in Tokyo Games

Palestinian weightlifter from Gaza, Mohammad Hamada, will be making history by being the first such athlete to compete at the Olympic Games in Tokyo this month. Hamada secured his place after participating in six international qualifying contests since 2019. Reuters reported today that the 19-year-old left Gaza several weeks ago for Doha, Qatar, in order to avoid any travelling issues …

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Israel PM warns Unilever of ‘severe consequences’ from Ben & Jerry’s decision

Israel warned consumer goods giant Unilever Plc on Tuesday of “severe consequences” from a decision by subsidiary Ben & Jerry’s to stop selling ice cream in Israeli-occupied territories and urged US states to invoke anti-boycott laws, reports Reuters. Monday’s announcement followed pro-Palestinian pressure on the Vermont-based company over its business in Israel and Jewish settlements in the West Bank handled …

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Palestinian factions will never accept Gaza siege, body says

The Palestinian National and Islamic Forces said yesterday that they would not accept the continued imposition of the Israeli siege on Gaza, Quds Press reported. Speaking at a press conference, Islamic Jihad leader Khalid Al-Batch said: “The siege and closure of crossings are no longer acceptable. Therefore, we call on the mediators to end this siege and push for the …

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