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Israelis ‘undergo Jewish DNA test before being allowed to marry’

Israel’s rabbinate “has been performing genetic testing on Israelis from the former Soviet Union, to check if they are ‘genetically Jewish’ as a condition for marriage registration”, according to Ynet. The new site reported that “at least 20 couples have come forward after having been asked to undergo the procedure in the past year.” “Although the existence of such tests was …

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Netanyahu: Israel ‘not a state of all its citizens’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said yesterday that Israel is home only for the Jewish people, ignoring Arab citizens who make up 20 per cent of its population. On Twitter, he wrote: “Israel is not a state of all its citizens… According to the basic nationality law we passed, Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people – and …

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Hundreds Attend Funerals of Two Slain Palestinian Youth

Two Palestinian youth, both shot dead by Israeli forces, were laid to rest Saturday – one in the Gaza Strip and one in the West Bank. Hundreds of people attended each funeral, according to the Wafa Palestinian News Agency. The young girl Samah Zoheir Mubarak, 16, was shot dead with several live rounds, by Israeli soldiers, at the Zaim military checkpoint, …

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Israeli Soldiers Kill A Palestinian Near Jericho

Israeli soldiers killed, on Sunday at dawn, a young Palestinian man, driving through a military block on Road #90 in the Jordan Valley area, near Jericho in the occupied West Bank. Media sources said army informed the Palestinian District Coordination Office that the young man, Salama Salah Ka’abna, 22, was shot dead while bypassing a vehicle which was stopped by …

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Israel cuts water supply to 2,600 Palestinians in Jordan Valley

Israeli forces and the Israeli Civil Administration cut the water supply to 2,600 of Palestinians living in communities in Bardala village in the Jordan Valley, northern occupied West Bank, yesterday. Mutaz Bisharat, an official who monitors settlement activity in Tubas/Jordan Valley, told Ma’an that Israeli forces cut off water supply for 60 per cent of residents of the Bardala village; amounting to …

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Israel re-arrests previously jailed Palestinian-Belgian man

The Israeli occupation forces yesterday arrested a Palestinian-Belgian citizen, who was released last week after being held in Israeli prisons, hours before he was to board his flight heading to the Belgian capital of Brussels. “A Palestinian-Belgian citizen, who was released from a short jail term in Israel under the early release procedure, was returned to prison on the orders …

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Jordan: Al-Rahma gate “integral part” of Al-Aqsa

Al-Rahma gate is an “integral, non-negotiable and non-shareable part” of the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jordan’s Ministry of Awqaf (endowment) and Islamic Affairs warned yesterday. The ministry said that the “Israeli escalations” against the Muslim Waqf (Endowment) Council in Jerusalem was “an intimidation of the Awqaf Council members and direct targeting of the Hashemite (Jordanian) guardianship of Islamic and Christian holy …

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12 Palestinian Homes To Be Demolished By Israel In Wadi Ara

The Israeli occupation authorities have notified the demolition of 12 Palestinian residential facilities in Wadi Ara under the guise of unlicensed construction. Tension has been running high in the area after they Israeli occupation authorities ruled that 12 Palestinian structures be knocked down. Head of Wadi Ara Committee for the Defense of Land and Homes, Ahmed Melhem, said the Israeli …

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