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Video: Meet the Israeli activist suspected of ‘incitement to terror’ for protesting Israeli colonialism

After about two months of detention, Israeli authorities released Israeli activist Jonathan Pollak on February 20. Pollak was arrested after right-wing group Ad Kan filed a suit against him for protesting in the West Bank and allegedly “attacking IDF soldiers”. During his detention, Pollak refused to pay a NIS 500 bail (around $145) set by a Tel Aviv judge for, in Pollak’s words, refusing to “recognize the legitimacy of the Israeli system.”

Last week, Pollak attended his first questioning session after the Israeli Attorney General ordered a criminal probe against him for “incitement to terror and to violence” over a new article published online. In addition to that probe, Pollak is still attending hearings of two other cases related to his activism in the West Bank.

Palestinian journalist Ahmad Al-Bazz interviewed Pollak following his release.