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Prominent Israel rabbis say women should not be involved in politics

A number of Israeli rabbis have signed a letter criticizing the possibility of appointing former Israeli Justice Minister, Ayelet Shaked, as head of the Union of Right-Wing Parties because “women should not be involved in politics”.

Prominent religious Zionist Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, who signed the letter along with some 40 rabbis, said yesterday that “while Shaked is really wonderful, however, every person has their own place. It’s not right, the complex world of politics is no place for the female role”.

In response to Aviner’s remarks, the co-chair of the Blue and White party, MK Yair Lapid wrote on Twitter: “Religious and chauvinistic fanatics should not be involved in politics. And, actually, not in the rabbinate.”

Blue and White MK Miki Haimovich also responded to Aviner’s remarks saying: “Thank you to Rabbi Aviner for reminding me why I got into politics.”

Shaked rejected Aviner’s statement saying “just a reminder that a woman can do anything; travel, be a mother, lead a party, even serve as city mayor, company director or head of state.”