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UDATES : The sounds of Israeli warplanes are still heard in Gaza until this moment

Four Palestinians were injured as Israeli warplanes carried out airstrikes targeting several sites across the besieged Gaza Strip hours after missiles were reportedly fired from Gaza, on predawn Friday.

Two Palestinians were injured during Israeli airstrikes targeting Rafah City in the southern Gaza Strip. However, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza confirmed that four Palestinians were injured; a man and his wife in Rafah City, and two other Palestinians in Gaza City.Israeli warplanes also launched four missiles targeting a seaport in western Khan Younis.

Explosionswere heard in Gaza City as Israeli warplanes targeted a Hamas resistance site with three airstrikes.

Israeli warplanes also targeted a site in western Beit Lahiya with two missiles, and another site in the city with five missiles.

TheIsraeli army announced that 100 sites were targeted across the Gaza Strip, in response to missiles reportedly fired from Gaza.

Palestinianfactions denied responsibility for any missiles fired from Gaza.Additionally, the Palestinian Ministry of Interior and Security in Gaza said in a statement that the fired missiles were against national and factional consensus.